Tantei-san's Sweet Home - Original Comic Book

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An original comic collection of the characters in "Tantei-san Tasukete!".

Once known as the greatest detective of Noa City, a dangerous case has left Tantei-san with little to no memory of herself and a body she wasn't used to. Thanks to her friends, she was able to close the case before retiring, but still helps anyone in need of her service!
Now her little office home has become a little packed! Her sidekick Kibi and the mysterious Mr. Buhyoo has ended up living with her! What's with the ruckus in this household? Let's meet Tantei-san and her sweet friends as they live together and learn more about each other!
These stories take place after the original series run which has been left incomplete. However, it's not necessary to know to enjoy as the book will go into each character's past and present.

11" x 8.5" soft-cover. 36+ pages. Short stories, several one-page comics, and multiple sketches that are not seen online are available in this book! Read left to right.

Genre: Slice of life, Romance, Drama (??). Semi-harem.

Images are preview of what's in the book.

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